Aman Agarwal

Project Manager


Aman is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and disruption. Having worked across industries around the world in strategy and business development roles, he believes it is imperative to build trust and relationships for both professional and personal development. Aman’s experiences at EY, Hitachi, ICF International and more recently at early high-growth stage firms, Margin Labs and Autonomous Therapeutics have equipped him with skills and insights necessary to drive success and create impact globally. Aman graduated with an MBA from NYU Stern as a Berkley Scholar, joining the program upon completing his undergraduate education in computer science. During his MBA, he focused on Finance, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Aman believes it is imperative for firms to innovate and disrupt the status quo when needed to stay relevant in today’s dynamic markets. Aman combines his MBA and technology experience to help clients tackle challenges across industries and markets.

At a-connect, Aman leverages his background in strategy and consulting to deliver projects to a-connect’s clients in the Life Sciences industry and leads digital and fintech focused internal initiatives at the firm.


Passionate about meeting new people, traveling the world and exploring new cultures, architecture and cuisines.