Lagging behind expectations

Brazil’s middle class is growing at an impressive rate, and our client had launched an exciting new food franchise targeting this growth market. However, despite a strong product offering and huge market potential, the rollout was not going to plan. The adoption rate was low and the franchise business was significantly behind its targets.

The client asked us to carry out a detailed review to pinpoint exactly why the adoption rate was so low and to identify clear measures to improve it.


Setting a course for success

Industry-specific knowledge was a must in this project. With our large network of independent business consultants, a-connect was able to deploy a team of two professionals with extensive knowledge of the food industry.

The team’s goals were threefold: firstly, they ran a diagnostic to identify the reason why the adoption rate was far lower than expected; secondly, they designed an in-depth improvement plan to bring the business back on track; and, finally, they were tasked with speeding up the implementation of that plan.


An award-winning triumph

Working with the local leadership team, the a-connect project team successfully diagnosed the issue and put in place measures to improve franchise adoption. They also transferred valuable know-how to help the team execute the improvement plan swiftly.

The a-connect effect helped this client reach their target of 500 new franchise openings within one year. Not only that, the business went on to receive an award for the best food franchise in Brazil.

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