A limited window to launch a critical new drug

Our client, a big pharma company, had recently seen breakthrough results in a large clinical trial for a new drug. These results positioned them well ahead of the competition in terms of launching new indications. As a result, the therapeutic area team found themselves with a narrow window in which to capitalize on the opportunity presented by the clinical evidence.

Although the organization had a wealth of excellent internal expertise, the need for a faster-than-normal delivery prompted them to seek the support of an external partner. They therefore asked us to work with the internal team to foster cross-team collaboration and informed decision making in order to optimize the speed of the launch.


Enhancing internal collaboration and decision making

After a competitive selection process, a-connect deployed a bespoke team of six independent professionals: one PMO lead, three work stream leads, and two client partners. Between them, the a-connect team had more than 90 years’ experience in pharma and consulting.

During the initial three-month collaboration, our team supported the client across 11 medical and marketing work streams. This phase was focused on ensuring delivery by each individual work stream, monitoring interdependencies, driving tactical activities, and identifying and removing bottlenecks. The team also worked to establish and enhance both cross-team and upward communication by leveraging standardized processes, tools and templates. Finally, the team partnered with senior leadership to support prioritization and strategic decision making.


Reducing the normal launch period by more than 50%

The client and a-connect team are working closely to optimize the speed and impact of the product launch. The aim is to deliver what is normally a two-year process within just nine months—a timeline that we’re on track to achieve. We will continue to support the client in subsequent phases.

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