Struggling to find a unified approach

Four corporate institutions had formed a conglomerate to create, launch and market a new mobile payment solution. This exciting new product formed a core element of each individual company’s growth plan.

However, bringing four large organizations and their unique requirements together is not without challenges. While the conglomerate members were happy with the payment solution itself, they were having problems deciding how best to bring the solution to market. They therefore asked a-connect to help them define, agree and execute a joint marketing, branding and communication strategy.


Creating a joint strategy that worked for all parties

a-connect deployed an independent consultant with considerable marketing, branding and stakeholder management expertise, gained by working with leading institutions and brands, to lead the project.

As well as creating and executing the project plan, a-connect’s consultant led the marketing and sales work stream—which, in this case, included significant alignment and coordination of all relevant internal and external stakeholders across the individual companies.

Working closely with the stakeholders, our project lead developed a marketing and communication strategy, covering joint branding of the solution, campaign architecture, merchant acquisition, and an implementation plan.


A better brand and a united strategy

Aligning four individual marketing approaches is no small feat. However, thanks to our project lead’s unparalleled marketing and stakeholder management skills, we succeeded in unifying these individual streams into one joint marketing, branding and communication strategy.

We created a recognizable brand in line with existing products and services, and helped the stakeholders work together to successfully launch the new solution.

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