Seeking an improved global GTM strategy

An effective GTM strategy is the key to launching any new product or service, and our client had recently launched a program aimed at making their GTM strategy and execution more effective globally.

The Ukraine was to be one of the first countries participating in the program. The client asked us to partner with the Ukrainian division to review and redefine the GTM strategy, and create a workable system that could be transferred to other divisions around the world.


Creating a more effective GTM strategy

We knew that a blend of management consultancy and practical management expertise would be crucial in this particular project. With this in mind, a-connect deployed a seasoned independent professional with a wealth of both consulting and hands-on line management experience to lead the GTM review in the Ukraine.

The project lead worked closely with the local leadership team to carefully review and redefine the local GTM strategy, while transferring valuable know-how that would help them implement the strategy successfully.


A roadmap for success

a-connect elevated the GTM strategy to the next level by creating an actionable customer segmentation model, an effective customer engagement strategy and an optimized marketing execution plan. Our project lead’s close collaboration with the local leadership team ensured they took ownership of the redefined strategy and were able to execute it more effectively.

The revised GTM strategy and execution also provided a clear roadmap for successful launches in other geographic regions across the organization.

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