Looking for increased efficiency across geographies

A lean organization creates greater customer value with fewer resources, continuously focusing and improving key processes to maximize customer value. Our client, a large multinational insurer, had embarked on a global lean transformation program to increase efficiency and customer centricity across the whole organization.

While they had successfully defined their lean methodology, as is often the case in global organizations, successful implementation across different geographies posed many different challenges. The client therefore asked a-connect to help drive the implementation globally, by working with the company’s local divisions.


Driving transformation and continuous improvement

Drawing upon our global pool of management consulting expertise, a-connect deployed several senior program managers to implement the lean approach in local divisions. Each of our consultants had extensive project, program and lean management experience gained across several different countries.

Our program managers headed up the overall implementation program—this included engaging in leadership coaching to promote transformation and successful adoption of lean methodologies, and establishing a culture of continuous improvement in each local division.


A lean organization

Thanks to our program managers’ deep knowledge of lean methodologies and practical implementation expertise, we delivered the successful adoption of lean methodologies in each local division, throughout the organization.

The result was significant efficiency gains and increased capacity across the company. In addition, by establishing a continuous improvement culture, the client is now in a strong position to continue to evolve and maximize customer value in the years ahead.

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