The challenge

When a Europe-based biopharma client acquired a business unit from another global company, they needed support from a trusted, experienced partner with global reach in order to seamlessly integrate the new unit at regional and local levels.

Furthermore, while the client recognised the need for support during the pre-closing and integration phases of the acquisition, it was still a priority to retain internal control of the entire process.

Our approach

Our first step was to support centralised integration by placing experienced integration project managers onto the client’s core internal team. This allowed the client to keep full ownership of the acquisition deal while strengthening their in-house team to achieve the programme’s objectives.

After providing this initial centralised support, the second step was managing the integration programme of the client’s global affiliates. Drawing from our nine international talent hubs, we deployed an integration project manager to each of the countries where the client was most in need of local integration support, namely Brazil and Canada. Having a presence at the client’s European base and at the Brazilian and Canadian offices substantially streamlined integration efforts and helped maintain the client’s control of the entire process.

Each project manager was selected from our talent network based not only on professional qualifications, but on experience in the local market and suitability for the client’s organisation. This is how we achieve the ‘a-connect effect’: finding the perfect professionals for a client’s specific challenges.

Value created by a-connect

Although local implementation of the project is still underway, a-connect’s professionals have already prevented unnecessary delays and difficulties in registration, reduced supply issues, and kept up the morale of the client’s sales force. Our efforts are bearing fruit, with the client saving an estimated US $15–18 million thus far.

To learn more on how a-connect’s project management services can benefit your business, no matter your location or the scale of your project, contact us today.