Missing out on revenue opportunities

Our client had a large portfolio of mature products, available across more than 20 countries, which were no longer actively marketed. In many cases, the price of these mature products had not been reviewed or amended for several years.

Realizing that they were effectively ‘leaving money on the table’, the client asked us to help them maximize revenues for this product portfolio through appropriate price revisions.


Pricing correctly for the products and markets

a-connect deployed a team of independent consultants with extensive P&MA expertise and strong analytical skills to support the client.

The team started by developing a high throughput methodology to analyze historic pricing and sales data and assess price sensitivity across each of the products and markets within scope.

Based on this methodology, the team then recommended an appropriate price revision for each SKU and market, and validated these recommendations with the affiliate organizations.


A significant revenue boost

Working closely with the global client team, a-connect was able to identify a number of potential opportunities to revise pricing and increase revenues. Across the product and geographic scope of this particular project, a-connect’s input represented a multi-million dollar increase in revenue and a significant improvement in the company’s bottom line.

In addition, because the a-connect team transferred valuable knowledge to the client team, the organization is now well placed to continue to monitor and revise pricing going forward.

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