Facing a tough growth target

Our client, a leading asset management firm, was looking to achieve a very ambitious growth target. In order to meet this target, they needed to reshape the business across all 24 locations and all asset classes.

This was a big project with many implementation challenges to overcome. They therefore asked a-connect to implement the growth strategy and help reshape the business.


Driving implementation of key business initiatives

With a global pool of expert independent consultants to draw upon, a-connect deployed an asset management expert as well as a senior project manager to oversee this critical project.

The goal was to work with all stakeholders to drive the implementation of more than 70 business-owned initiatives aimed at refocusing the business. With this in mind, the first step was to prioritize these initiatives, before working to ensure they were properly implemented.


Successful implementation and a renewed focus

Thanks to our experts’ deep subject knowledge and unrivalled project management expertise, each of the 70 strategic initiatives were swiftly and successfully prioritized and executed.

This directly led to immediate savings from fund mergers and closures, as well as an overall agreement on a new focus for the business. The client is now in a much stronger position and on track to meet their ambitious growth target.

To learn more about how a-connect’s independent consultants can drive growth in your organization, please contact us.