Time for a new approach

There’s no doubt that non-traditional collaborative models are changing the future of R&D.

Our client, a leading chemical and pharmaceutical company, wanted to gain a deeper understanding of innovative partnering options in order to advance the multiple assets in their R&D pipeline and create maximum value. They asked us to explore their options in depth, and help them find the best way forward for each asset category and the organization as a whole.


Mapping out the options

With our proven track record in agribusiness and business consulting, a-connect was able to deploy an experienced team to lead the project. This included a senior project manager with many years’ experience in project and stakeholder management, and an associate with valuable subject knowledge.

The team started by reaching out to around 30 leading subject matter experts to gather a detailed picture of innovative partnering models in the industry. They then collated and presented the findings, including multiple in-depth company examples to help demonstrate the best approaches.


A clear way forward

Thanks to our team’s unrivalled project management skills and deep industry knowledge, a-connect provided the client with a clear view on which partnering options would be most effective for each category of assets in their R&D pipeline.

Armed with this knowledge, the company is now in an excellent position to build lasting collaborative relationships, maximize value and drive growth across the business.

To find out more about how a-connect’s project management and subject matter experts can drive growth in your organization, please get in touch.