Post-merger integration in a new core market

When it comes to acquiring a new business, smooth integration in the immediate post-merger period is critical. Our client, a global provider of industrial products, had recently acquired a company with its primary markets in North America and Australia.

In order to ensure a swift and smooth integration, the client was looking for post-merger support, specifically in the North American region. In particular, they wanted an experienced project manager with deep knowledge of the North American market to lead the 100-day program.


Steering the integration

Harnessing our global reach, a-connect’s first step was to deploy a US-based, top-tier trained independent consultant with extensive project planning experience and a deep understanding of the M&A process.

Acting as the PMO and integration lead, our integration project manager worked to selectively strengthen the internal team across 10 key work streams, with a specific focus on sales, manufacturing, logistics and purchasing.

Not only did this promote full internal ownership of the integration, it allowed the team to achieve the 100-day program’s objectives. These objectives included setting up the 10 key integration teams with buyer/seller personnel, laying out the synergies created by the merger, crafting detailed implementation plans, and monitoring progress through weekly steering committee meetings.


Realizing value and synergies

A smooth integration was the key to realizing the value from this acquisition.

Thanks to our consultant’s extensive post-merger experience, a-connect not only delivered a smooth implementation and swift setup of the new organization in North America, we also helped identify and capture vital synergies and cost reductions for the client. These included US $12 million in synergies over 2.5 years, and US $6 million per year in cost reductions from restructuring the North American organization.

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