Facing stiff competition and rising costs

The client, a leading life sciences firm, was in a tough position. Operating in extremely competitive markets for top-10 molecules, and with COGS at unsustainable levels, the company was struggling to remain competitive—let alone plan for future growth.

The need to reduce COGS fast was critical. The client therefore asked us to help them accelerate COGS reduction initiatives at a national level and make overall recommendations to increase profitability.


Identifying improvements at every level

a-connect provided a seasoned independent professional with a wealth of business consulting and cost management expertise. Working closely with all relevant stakeholders, our consultant identified, prioritized and executed crucial near-term COGS reduction tactics.

They then developed a mid-term strategy for greater business profitability, while also imparting valuable know-how to help the leadership team execute this strategy successfully. In addition, the a-connect project lead initiated pilot programs to build strong business cases aimed at improving the long-term health of the company.


Immediate savings and a valuable model for future reductions

By working together, a-connect and the client team were able to identify both immediate and annualized COGS reduction opportunities. Together, we also built a framework for molecule-based COGS reduction that was later applied to all top-50 molecules to drive further savings across the company. These cost-saving initiatives are already being implemented and, as a direct result, the client is firmly on course to achieve its profitability targets.

At a-connect we help leading organizations navigate their key business challenges and deliver real change. For more information on how we can impact your company’s future, please get in touch.