Seeking faster-than-market growth in challenging conditions

Against a backdrop of new competition, volatile market conditions, and policy changes, our client’s emerging market region was seeking investment to deliver faster-than-market growth across emerging markets.

In order to secure and guide investments more effectively, the client asked us to help the Region Head and VP Strategy to develop the emerging market region’s five-year strategic plan.


Building a robust strategic plan

a-connect deployed a bespoke team comprising three independent professionals with strong management consulting skills and first-hand experience in emerging markets. Altogether, the team had more than 45 years’ experience in pharma and consulting.

Over an eight-week period, the team worked on a number of key initiatives, including: adapting franchise strategies for four disease areas to better suit the emerging markets context; developing robust analytics on 20 brands and pipeline products; reviewing and refining forecasts for 12 core countries; identifying capability gaps and investment priorities; and building detailed P&L models.

The team also worked with internal stakeholders to foster consensus on the strategic plan—a key step in ensuring any plan is executed properly and efficiently.


Delivering impressive growth

Working closely with client teams, a-connect identified more than $200 million in new, unrealized growth opportunities, and delivered a realistic plan to prioritize investment, double sales within five years, and secure funds for future growth. That’s the a-connect effect—helping our clients navigate big challenges and build a brighter future.

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