The UK market: a daunting challenge

Despite several attempts at devising a turnaround strategy, a global leader in private banking and wealth management found its UK franchise in great difficulty. The franchise had never been profitable – even a transformational acquisition had no impact – and the global group consequently believed that the UK market was too competitive and that the local platform was technologically flawed.

Rebooting a flagging franchise

The company turned to a-connect and our first step was drawing on our human resourcefulness to put together a team of two Independent Professionals with the expertise and know-how to achieve maximum impact.

The team conducted an end-to-end strategic review of the business and segmented the UK’s private banking market to identify areas where the client could successfully compete. Potential business opportunities were then pinpointed, while innovative value propositions were developed in line with the organisation’s core strengths. Additionally, the team performed a thorough diagnostic of the franchise’s operating model and platform set-up in order to identify key areas for improvement.

Not only did our consultants develop a custom solution, but they also worked closely with the client to implement every phase of the solution, and ensured the project’s successful completion by setting up and running implementation planning and a project management office.

Immediate results

The team’s enterprising approach led the client’s leadership to commit a significant investment to the transformation of the UK business which became profitable for the first time in its history while the project was underway.

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