Nils Hagander

Client Service Partner & Founder


Nils is passionate about making a difference to people and to companies. During his 30 years of experience in professional services he has always engaged in the art of attracting, developing and inspiring great talent. Building a-connect into a global platform for extraordinary talent has been his most important achievement, touching the life of thousands professionals in all continents. Creating the new way of working remains his vision and focus going forward. As a board member, investor and consulting team leader, he has shaped the future of many companies and institutions, serving clients around the world on their most pressing and important issues. Nils is an idea-driven professional with the ability to turn creativity into action. Over time his attention has shifted from strategic direction setting to actually making change happen. Supporting his clients to build capabilities closes the loop between client impact and his passion for talent.


Happiest when in the air, as a skydiver, flying aerobatics and sharing the passion to fly with his family.