An organizational restructure with global consequences

Reorganizing structures from regional to global (or vice versa), throws up multiple challenges. These are multilayered and can include culture, process, and skill set challenges. And of course, you need to engage and motivate teams to embrace change. So when our team was tasked to redesign an organization, we proposed a novel approach to the client. One they had never tried before.

5 Minutes Food 12/04/2023


From regional to global without territorialism

Our client, a global specialty ingredients company, had to restructure. They needed to transition from a regional group organization to a Global Center of Excellence model. This would provide their team with a better platform to build on their success in the future. However, the restructure had several challenges:

  • Whilst the new setup would better leverage capabilities, the change had to be carefully managed to reduce territorialism
  • Collaboration had reduced significantly. They had lost connectivity and become transactional in the remote working environment
  • Almost one-third of the team was new and had not benefited from in-person onboarding and training


A top-down and bottom-up approach

Our team conducted one-on-one stakeholder interviews with the complete leadership team to represent the full range of perspectives and uncovered additional challenges and goals including:

  • Talent development gaps
  • And the need to standardize processes and enhance role clarity

This top-down plus bottom-up approach was a first for the organization. It enabled the development of an aligned structure and better management of planning and implementation.

Working back from the Go-live date, our team mapped out the organizational design journey, including:

  • Milestones
  • Macro design
  • Micro design
  • Align and refine steps


Success at every level and measure

We delivered a budget-neutral redesign of the organization in 5 months. Additionally, the organization enjoyed 100% retention and strong support from every layer of the team and:

  • Addressed root causes of challenges as well as the symptoms
  • Overwhelming support in feedback from every layer of the organization
  • Incorporated outside-in guidance and innovative best practices

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