Tailoring business models that address the reality of an organization

Business models must be built in full alignment with an organization’s strategy and marketplace. But what do you do when the model is ill-fitting? With teams focused on delivery, taking a step back to strategize can be difficult. The phrase ‘changing the wheel whilst the car is moving’ springs to mind.  But change must occur if growth and sustained success is to be delivered. This was the challenge our client faced.

5 Minutes Agribusiness 12/11/2023


Create a made to measure business model

Leadership at an African-based global animal nutrition company faced an existential challenge. Their business model was tailored to high-income countries. They realized it would not deliver the desired growth in their region. They had to rebuild the business model to drive market development. But their team was focused on delivering the budget. Plus, they lacked the expertise and time to develop a compelling strategy. So they turned to us for help.


Collaborate at pace with insight-fueled focus

We instigated a consultation phase with internal and external experts and business leaders across the value chain. The next step was to define four main strategic moves with associated business models tailored to sub-Saharan Africa. This was achieved by running brainstorming and prioritization workshops with the client team. A high-level financial model, approved by leadership, was then developed. In tandem with this, and to reduce time to market, the implementation process started. This was applied to three countries prioritized by leadership.


A business model and implementation that delivers tangible results

The new growth strategy has been approved. Implementation is moving at pace because we prepared and started it during the approval phase. As our client was heavily involved in the process, their sense of ownership and commitment was cemented early in the process. They are now on track to deliver the strategy and increased sales in record time.

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