Creating a strategy framework and innovation toolkit for emerging payers

There’s a constant push and pull on priorities when you’re an emerging player. Especially if it’s in the enzyme tech market. From the need to generate revenue in the near term through to maintaining a strong innovation process. And of course, you need alignment between senior management and board on the business model.  In short you need a roadmap that covers all the bases.

5 Minutes Food 12/13/2023


Creating a coherent approach and story

As our client prepared for its next capital raise, they faced several challenges:

  • Prioritizing strategic options to generate revenues quickly
  • Structuring a process to streamline the innovation funnel
  • Creating alignment between the senior management and the board on the business model

Ultimately, they needed a coherent story for investors that tied the long-term strategic vision together with:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Opportunity assessment
  • A business development roadmap


Establishing the right strategy and processes

We ran three parallel workstreams focusing on:

  • Prioritization of ongoing ideas and opportunities that could generate revenue in the following 24-30 months
  • Benchmarking of prevalent business models in the space complete with pros and cons
  • Setting up a structured innovation framework allowing for quantitative and time-bound assessment of opportunities and ideas

We ran an extensive primary research campaign that:

  • Interviewed industry experts
  • Challenged initial hypotheses on shortlisted opportunities

Additionally, the R&D and BD teams were trained to validate the commercial feasibility of ideas that were technically promising and could meet huge demand in the market.


A solution that fuels development and innovation coherently

The optimum business model was evaluated and presented to the board. Additionally, we created a structured assessment toolkit, which detailed:

  • Opportunities for the client to focus on
  • A clear roadmap for revenue generation

And to manage filling the innovation pipeline. We designed and implemented a stage-gate process, which included estimating capital requirements to launch and scale. The client team was trained to run the process, ensuring consistency and continuity. Our approach and solution enabled senior management to present a compelling story for investors.

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