Globally bespoke solutions to support post-merger integrations

Integrating acquisitions within the pharma industry comes with myriad challenges. And these vary from region to region and country to country. This demands that you develop a bespoke plan that enables you to close the deal whilst maintaining supply chains and business as usual activities. Through our global network, we can deploy resources wherever they are required. This enables us to address local challenges with customized solutions while dovetailing into the global playbook.

5 Minutes Life Sciences 12/26/2023


Support integration while ensuring client control

A top 10 pharma client announced the strategic acquisition of a BU from another global pharma. This was to strengthen their market position and become a leading player in that TA. Very early in the process (pre-regulatory approval and closing of deal), they asked us to support their regional and local integration.

Our client sought a flexible deployment model. One that could be customized to address specific challenges in different markets and regions. Furthermore, rather than outsourcing the effort to consultants, they wanted to retain control of the overall integration process.


A bespoke plan built on extensive region and market experience

Integration project managers were deployed, to strengthen the internal client team. This enabled our client to maintain ownership of the deal while achieving program objectives.

We supported the client’s Integration Management Office with a strong PMI (Post Merger Integration) expert and consultant with extensive pharma post-merger experience. This early centralized support was then expanded to a team of four consultants across key countries in the emerging markets of Latin America, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Our consultants enabled integration of the commercial organizations and operations at a country level. They also worked with local legal, trade, and regulatory team members to ensure supply chain integrity and supply continuity during and through the transaction close.


Significant value delivered at the country and global level

Local integrations were delivered as planned, with no disruption to the supply and business continuity. This ensured patients and healthcare professionals saw no disruptions and continued to receive their medications.

It was estimated that we delivered over $50 million in value by ensuring timely close of the transactions, supporting the smooth transfer of marketing authorizations, solving drug supply import and warehousing issues, as well as supporting the salesforce morale/performance.

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