Realizing the true revenue potential of an acquisition

Having acquired an organization it’s vital that you have a strategy to deliver on your investment. This demands a clear growth strategy that details the quick wins and steps you need to take to secure long-term growth.

3 Minutes Private Equity 12/14/2023


Create a 5-year growth plan that doesn’t just promise jam tomorrow

Our client was a consortium of three Private Equity investors who had recently acquired an integrated UK energy assets manager. They wanted to realize its full revenue potential over the coming years without compromising the business’s risk profile. They asked us to develop appropriate growth strategies and to coach and advise their senior management team. Core to success was the creation of a 5-year growth plan with clear guidance on growing revenues through quick wins and long-term growth actions.


An expert team with a clear approach

We deployed a team of four consultants that included:

  • Project manager with experience in utilities
  • Ex-interim CEO of a large utilities firm

Over 16 weeks, the team mapped out the:

  • Energy utilities construction market
  • Metering market
  • Network ownership market

This included market sizing and analysis of competitors, to unearth opportunities. Doing so also involved interviews with experts from these individual areas. The project team also interviewed multiple internal client teams to develop a target operating model that could capitalize on the market opportunity.


Growth plan delivered. Revenue increased

We created a concrete and validated 5-year growth plan to increase annual revenues by an incremental 11%. This was backed by the investors and is now being implemented.

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