Six tips to ace your interview

Our Talent Service Partners have developed six essential tips to help with your interviews. When we put you forward for an interview, refresh yourself with this article. And remember, be prepared, listen and speak honestly and clearly about your relevant experience. We’re here if you need any support or advice so if in doubt get in touch.

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At a Glance

These six tips will help you ace any interview:

  • Learn about the client beforehand.
  • Adapt your career highlights to make it relevant.
  • Present your work values.
  • Engage on an emotional level.
  • Energize the conversation.
  • Ensure logistics and technology work.

1. Learn about the client beforehand

Thoroughly research the client before the interview. Learn about their business, key figures and competition. Get to know their key stakeholders, LinkedIn can be very helpful here. And make sure you have a good grasp of the project. Reach out to your Talent Service Partner to clarify any questions you may have. Remember to make sure your interviewer knows you’ve done your research.  Incorporate what you have learned into the conversation, for example, as a preamble to a reply.

2. Adapt your career highlights to make it relevant

You may be an expert in a specific area. Or perhaps you have broader experience across a number of relevant projects. Whichever point you’re starting from, work on your introduction and replies so that they reflect any experience that is relevant to the project, client and industry sector. Clients usually want to understand if you have handled similar work, and what your role was.

3. Present your work values

Our clients look for people who can integrate into their culture and work well within teams. Communicating your approach and style concisely,  is an important part of the interview process. Consult with your Talent Service Partner to understand the client’s culture and needs. This will give you the insight you need to bring up relevant values and working styles.

4. Engage on an emotional level

Ask questions that show you are genuinely interested and engaged in the client’s project. Using the ‘best and worst’ structure can be useful here. For example, when finding more about the project role, you could ask “What are the most interesting parts of the role? And what are potential challenging areas?”. This lets you connect and empathize by looking for insightful information rather than just generic data.

5. Energize the conversation

Infuse the interview with positive energy from the start. Maintain eye contact and show enthusiasm when you ask questions and respond. Remember to be engaged, otherwise you may come across as anxious or defensive. Always confirm that your answers have fully addressed their question before pushing forward with additional details. Finally, when asking questions, listen with equally high engagement. Allow your interviewer to finish what they are saying before commenting or asking another question.

6 Ensure logistics and technology work

In the case of face-to-face meetings, leave earlier allowing time for unexpected delays. For video/phone interviews, log in several minutes prior to the start time. Remember to check your internet connection is stable and test the sound and video upfront, so that your virtual meeting runs smoothly.

If you have any questions about this article or related to interview techniques please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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Six tips to ace your…

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These six tips will help you ace any interview.